Suspension of operations

It is with great regret that the Western Washington Area Health Education Center (WWAHEC) Board of Directors announces an upcoming suspension of operations.

Since 1987, WWAHEC has proudly served the citizens of Washington state to ensure equity of and access to health care for underserved rural and urban populations in Western Washington through education and workforce development. Changes in funding sources and government agency priorities have made continuation of services fiscally impossible. Following the completion of current contracts and commitments in the final quarter of fiscal year 2016, an orderly dissolution of the non-profit corporation will proceed.

WWAHEC’s focus areas included:

  • Connecting students to careers;
  • Connecting professionals to communities;
  • Connecting communities to better health.

This has been accomplished through:

  • workforce development,
  • health professions education,
  • continuing education for health professionals,
  • community assessment and development of health systems,
  • health promotion/disease prevention/health education,
  • advocacy for rural and underserved populations through public policy

We want to thank you, the partners of WWAHEC, through the years and the staff for their dedication and hard work carrying out our mission.


Linda Rotmark
Board President

Jodi Perlmutter